We breed when we feel we have the right combination of Sire and Dam to build on our goal of contributing quality dogs to the German Shorthair gene pool.  Each new litter carries the hope and dream of building on what we have accomplished in the past and producing something even better than before.

We breed on the principal of keeping a fairly tight weave to the pedigree to preserve the quality and consistency of our line.  We hope White River is known for attractive, intelligent, eager working companions with the most beautiful lithe gait seen in the breed today.




We are excited to tell you about our new litter born August 6, 2022 in the Kansas City area.  If you are interested in possibly reserving one of these puppies, please tell us a bit about yourself by completing the questionnaire at the bottom of this page.

Our beautiful talented Frankie was bred to GCHG CH Coldwater's Big Shoes To Fill GCG TKN, "Robby", (named  as a nod to his famous sire "CJ" the 2016 Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show winner).









                          "Robby"                                                                                                            "Frankie"

                   OFA Hips.  Good                                                                                             OFA Hips.  Excellent

                OFA Elbows.   Normal                                                                                     OFA Elbows.   Normal

               OFA Eye Exam.   Normal                                                                               OFA Eye Exam.   Normal

        Congenital Cardiac    Normal                                                                           Congenital Cardiac.  Normal

     Cone Degeneration.  Clear, Non-Carrier                                                       Cone Degeneration.  Clear, Non-Carrier

                                                                                                                       Lupoid Dermatosis.    Clear, Non-Carrier


   #1 Ranked GSP in the Show Ring 2020                                                    2021 GSPCA National Select Bitch

   2020 GSPCA Show Dog of the Year                                            2021 GSPCA National Owner Handled Best of Breed

   17X Best in Specialty/Multiple Sporting Group #1                                  Multiple NOHS Sporting Group placing

    GSPCA Top 25 Winner                                                                                Rally Master 22 of 22 Qualified

    2021 & 2022 GSPCA National Select Dog                                                   GSPCA Versatility Certificate


This is one of the coolest pedigrees we have ever been able to do, with both sire and dam being out-crossings of two pedigree lines, AND the male lines and female lines being very related.  Check it out and see if you can tell what we mean.



CH Star-K's Mile Hi Carlos RN

BIS CH Kan-Point's Autumn Roses

CH VJK-Myst Garbonita's True Bliss SH

CH Garbonita's Arizona Rainemaker MH

CH VJK-Myst Scores For Khrispats

GCH CH Coldwater's My Delectable Darlooney

CH Coldwater's First Primered Bullet

BIS Am Can Aust CH HuntersprideThe Canadian Way FDJ JH

CH Shomberg's Sizzling Hot

CH Cameo Verd

CH Royalwyn Classic Blues

Cider Verd

CH Shadywood's Howlin' Mad

CH Ruann's Buckshot v. Kingswood

CH Shadywood's Lady v. Kingswood ROM

CH Pengle's TRF Starstruck, JH

CH HH Ruann's Glitter 'N' Glitz JH

CH Coldwater's Never Forget Your First at T-Town CD JH

BIS Am Can Aust CH HuntersprideThe Canadian Way FDJ JH

GCH Olde Ridge Hey! That's the Way

Am GCH GCHX Hunterspride Intrigue V Farook FDJ FD MH

CH Shomberg's Sizzling Hot

CH Wyndbourne's Endeavor, JH ROMX

BIS NSC CH Shomberg's Some Like It Hot GSPCA C-ROMX

Watch Us Grow - Week 1

The only tricks they do so far are eating and sleeping; at both of which they ALL excel.

This is going to be a tough litter to make a pick from, as they are extremely consistent so far ( we're not even sure who is the biggest or smallest)  

It looks like they will have plenty of ticking, but none will be super dark.  There are some heads that will ultimately be solid, and some with pretty blazes.  Only a couple of the boys have any body patches, and those are small.










"Fortune" will have a solid liver head with maybe a few white hairs to the right of her nose.



    "Biscotti" will lose most of that white up her forehead and likely have dust on her muzzle.  A little more ticking showing on her.

"Samoa" woke up and posed for her first portrait.  This will be a pretty blaze when all said and done, you can see the white fading away at the outside edges already.  Distinct ticking coming through.







"Sugar" has spent more than her share of time at the milk bar.  Most or all of the white on her foreface will disappear leaving a dusty white muzzle.



"Chip" our first born.  He may be the darkest ticking; we could see his at birth.  This wide blaze will be much narrower but still extend across the muzzle.










"Cookie Monzter" was largest at birth and still leads the pack by a narrower margin.  He also wins the prize for most patches.  You can already see him losing that blaze up his face.









"Snickers" also sporting quite a bit of ticking early on.  One small patch on his show side and a mostly solid head.  Hard to say what white will remain on his muzzle.


Watch us grow - Week 2


Now fat and sassy.  Eyes open and starting to toddle around.  More indication of where their coloring will end up.



"Fortune" developing her more solid liver head and some open fancy ticking.





"Biscotti" losing the blaze up her forehead, and also fancy ticking coming in


"Samoa" looking like she may have a dusty face rather than distinct blaze.  more fancy open ticking.





"Sugar" also losing her blaze.  Ticking similar to the other ladies.

A tough call to try to pick from these pretty girls!





"Chip" may have a white spot on his forehead and a dusty white muzzle.  More dense ticking on him.


"Cookie Monzter" with his blaze disappearing.  He offers the most patches we have, and open fancy ticking.



"Snickers" solid head with a dusty muzzle.  More ticking, should be moderate overall with flashes of white showing through.

Watch Us Grow - Week 3

Lots happened this week!  Eyes opened and we got active.  Our world expanded so we have more toddling room, and indoor plumbing (potty pans) was added.

The Girls:

   "Fortune" showin' off her bright eyes and fancy ticking





 "Biscotti" showing off the typical GSP head tilt, and her dazzling coat.













  "Samoa" did not yet want to us to see her pretty eyes; just her disappearing blaze and jazzy coat.




   "Sugar" fell asleep before the photo session ended.  All these girls are fancy-ticked.






The Boys:

  "Chip" has the most color of the bunch and will end up with a white spot on his forehead.



  "Cookie Monzter"  takin' a snooze, and being the guy with the patches.






  "Snickers" looks a little like Cookie Monzter's twin; look close to see the differences in heads and body coloring.


Watch us grow - Week 5

Coming into full blown puppy cuteness!

The Girls:









The Boys:




  "Cookie Monzter"