MBISS GCH TRF White River Stars Align At Sunrise CD BN RE JH FDC CAA DCAT SWME SWM SHDM TKI. GSPCA NRD VC . . . .soon to be VCA

"Gizmo" clearly enjoys every aspect of being a Shorthair!  We haven't found anything he can't do and promise to add more exciting titles in the near future.


Bred by Becky Feigh (White River) & Kipp Whelan of Tulip Ridge Farm (TRF), Lorie Crain and Samantha Honaker (Sunrise), he has  a magnificent pedigree line bred on two iconic White River stud dogs.


HEALTH CLEARANCES  CHIC #140108               Gizmo's OFA page

          OFA HD: GSP-18702E26M-VPI

          OFA EL: GSP-EL3566M26-VPI

          OFA Advanced Cardiac:  GSP-ACA3731/15M-VPI (Echo)

          OFA Cardiac::  GSP-CA2427/29M/C-PI

          OFA CD: GSP-CD1115/5M-PI  (non-carrier)

          OFA EYES:  GSP-EYE 1285/28M-VPI

          OFA VWD: GSP-VW104/5M-PI  (non-carrier)

          OFA DM: GSP-DM122/5M/PI   (non-carrier)

          OFA LD:  GSP-LD190/15/M-PI clear  (non-carrier)

          OFA HU: GSP-HU18/5/M-PI

          OFA Patella:  GSP-PA62/29M/C-PI

          OFA Dentition:  GSP-DE20/29M-VPI

          Dilute:  D/d

          Red/Yellow: E/E

          Dominant Black: K/K

          Agouti:  at/at














CH Star-K's Mile Hi Carlos RN

CH Huntabird's Riverside Reason JH ROM

BIS CH Huntabird's Main Reason HOF ROMXX

CH Riverside's Moondust

CH Rising Star's White River Debut, JH

CH Serakraut's Scotch Neat ROM

CH Shadywood's Show Off

BIS CH Kan-Point's Autumn Roses

CH Minado's Parade Drum Major

CH Makenit's Flying Persuaision

CH Minado's I M Prescious Crystal

CH Kanpoint Enchanted Reason

CH Paladen's Stand To Reason MH

CH Kanpoint's Destiny Calls

Olde Ridge Diamond In The Sky

CH Shadywood's Howlin' Mad

CH Ruann's Buckshot v. Kingswood

CH Shadywood's Lady v. Kingswood ROM

CH Pengle's TRF Starstruck, JH

CH HH Ruann's Glitter 'N' Glitz JH

CH Olde Ridge Silhouette In The Moonlight

CH Olde Ridge Shaboom Shaboom

CH Olde Ridge Ben There Done That

CH White River Walking In Sunshine

CH Cheza's Annie Be Good

Ch Olde Ridge Pride 'N Joy

Cheza's Webpage V Pridegon


in Sanford, NC

“Becca” - GCH Whiteoak & Dreamin Don't You Forget Me RN JH DN CHC TKN (GCH BNJ Whiteoak Neverending Story X Dreamin's Livin On the Edge) is expecting Gizmo kids.


Contact Breeder Jennifer Murphy for details:  jen.murphy915@gmail.com

Jen's website:  http://www.whiteoakkennelsnc.com/

Becca's OFA page: https://ofa.org/advanced-search/?appnum=2344810



Another Gizmo litter due in May 2024 in the Pacific NW

BREEDERS:  Maureen Esposito and Khris Bonner   425-591-9509.   









“Valentina”  GCH Krispats Sparks Fly

(GCH Diaden's Mr. Secret Agent Man X GCH Krispats Ahyoka)

OFA page link: https://ofa.org/advanced-search/?appnum=2239700