MBISS GCH TRF White River Stars Align At Sunrise CD BN RE JH FDC CAA DCAT SWME SWM SHDM TKI. GSPCA NRD VC . . . .soon to be VCA

"Gizmo" clearly enjoys every aspect of being a Shorthair!  We haven't found anything he can't do and promise to add more exciting titles in the near future.


Bred by Becky Feigh (White River) & Kipp Whelan of Tulip Ridge Farm (TRF), Lorie Crain and Samantha Honaker (Sunrise), he has  a magnificent pedigree line bred on two iconic White River stud dogs.


HEALTH CLEARANCES  CHIC #140108               Gizmo's OFA page

          OFA HD: GSP-18702E26M-VPI

          OFA EL: GSP-EL3566M26-VPI

          OFA Advanced Cardiac:  GSP-ACA3731/15M-VPI (Echo)

          OFA Cardiac::  GSP-CA2427/29M/C-PI

          OFA CD: GSP-CD1115/5M-PI  (non-carrier)

          OFA EYES:  GSP-EYE 1285/28M-VPI

          OFA VWD: GSP-VW104/5M-PI  (non-carrier)

          OFA DM: GSP-DM122/5M/PI   (non-carrier)

          OFA LD:  GSP-LD190/15/M-PI clear  (non-carrier)

          OFA HU: GSP-HU18/5/M-PI

          OFA Patella:  GSP-PA62/29M/C-PI

          OFA Dentition:  GSP-DE20/29M-VPI

          Dilute:  D/d

          Red/Yellow: E/E

          Dominant Black: K/K

          Agouti:  at/at









Full Pedigree:

Gizmo Pups Coming April 2022!!!

Kelly Kastros, Eastbay's GSPs, has bred her lovely "Winnie", CH Eastbay's My Sister's Daughter to our Boy.

This is a beautiful line breeding of a Ziggy Stardust Granddaughter to Grandson.  

Winnie's OFA page.    Contact Kelly ~ phone 989-860-4314  email: kkazgsps@aol.com