MBISS GCH TRF White River Stars Align At Sunrise CD BN RE JH FDC CAA DCAT SWME SWM SHDM TKI. GSPCA NRD VC . . . .soon to be VCA

"Gizmo" clearly enjoys every aspect of being a Shorthair!  We haven't found anything he can't do and promise to add more exciting titles in the near future.


Bred by Becky Feigh (White River) & Kipp Whelan of Tulip Ridge Farm (TRF), Lorie Crain and Samantha Honaker (Sunrise), he has  a magnificent pedigree line bred on two iconic White River stud dogs.


HEALTH CLEARANCES  CHIC #140108               Gizmo's OFA page

          OFA HD: GSP-18702E26M-VPI

          OFA EL: GSP-EL3566M26-VPI

          OFA Advanced Cardiac:  GSP-ACA3731/15M-VPI (Echo)

          OFA Cardiac::  GSP-CA2427/29M/C-PI

          OFA CD: GSP-CD1115/5M-PI  (non-carrier)

          OFA EYES:  GSP-EYE 1285/28M-VPI

          OFA VWD: GSP-VW104/5M-PI  (non-carrier)

          OFA DM: GSP-DM122/5M/PI   (non-carrier)

          OFA LD:  GSP-LD190/15/M-PI clear  (non-carrier)

          OFA HU: GSP-HU18/5/M-PI

          OFA Patella:  GSP-PA62/29M/C-PI

          OFA Dentition:  GSP-DE20/29M-VPI

          Dilute:  D/d

          Red/Yellow: E/E

          Dominant Black: K/K

          Agouti:  at/at









Full Pedigree:


Gizmo Pups Born Late January 2023!!!       6 Males and 3 Females


Breeder Jessica Adamczyk;   989-551-7028.  jsadamczyk@hotmail.com.    Located in Michigan

has confirmed her lovely CH Adamczyk's High Caliber Citori Blitz, DM is expecting Gizmo puppies!










Citori's OFA page can be viewed here.  



Citori's pedigree:

                                               Ch. White River’s Ziggy Stardust, JH, GSPCA HOF

                                Ch Schutzen’s Lock N Load, MH

                                                Ch. Woodland’s Gemn’ I Huntabird, RE SH

               Ch. Eastbay’s One Night Stand

                                                Ch. Keenose Red Ryder

                                GCh. Eastbay’s-N-Brookstone’s Trailer Trash, JH

                                                Ch. Asppoint’s Daddy’s Demon Doll

Ch Adamczyk’s High Caliber Citori Blitz, DM

                                                DC AFC Sam Saint Max, MH, GSPCA HOF

                                  Ch. Crystal’s Up Close N’ Personal, MH RD, GSPCA HOF

                                                Ch. Crystal’s Trial Size

               Ch Quinebaug’s Estellee Of Abbelane BN CD MH RDX

                                                Abbe Lanes Traffton

                                  Ch. Abbe Lanes Sweet Little Elsie, MH JHR

                                                Abbelane’s Abigail Rose