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We are GSP breeders in central Indiana who have lived , played, laughed, hunted with and just plain loved our German Shorthaired Pointers for over 3 decades.  The White River bloodline has pretty regularly distinguished itself in the field, show and performance venues, as you will see if you browse the site.

Stop by and visit us now and then to catch up on what's happening in our world and the GSP fancy....
Our current Stars really shone the month of March 2021 with some OUTSTANDING accomplishments.  These dogs are a credit to their breed and our Kennel; showcasing GSP intellect, biddability, and the work ethic of both canine and human.
GCH T-TOWN 'N WHITE RIVER'S OH WHAT A NIGHT JH RE finished her RALLY MASTER title March 21 with her 10th straight qualifying run.




MBISS GCH TRF White River The Stars Align At Sunrise CD BN RE JH  FDC CAA DCAT SWEE SCM SBM SIAE TKI GPSCA VC NRD  "Gizmo" applied his famous nose to AKC Scentwork completing six titles in March; Interior Buried Elite (SBEE), Exterior Excellent Elite (SEEE), Interior Excellent Elite (SIEE),  completing all 4 scent work elements at the excellent level for his Scentwork Excellent Elite (SWEE) title . . . . . . the FIRST GSP to achieve this!!!!  He moved right on to Master level work, also completing Container Master (SCM) and Buried Master (SBM)